As label makers, we find vape labels to be great examples of some of the most innovative custom labels being made today. From the elaborate, colorful designs needed to stand out to meeting technical and regulatory demands, printing a vape vial label is a unique challenge.

Partnering with Lion Labels means you will have our team’s combined expertise and capabilities so we can brand your product with a compliant, standout label that fulfills the functional and regulatory requirements needed to be put on the shelf and attract a consumer’s eye.


Have you thought about the following considerations for your labels?


Your oil-based e-liquid can present a challenge when it comes to adhering a label - we have a variety of film label construction options, which can resist greasiness more effectively than paper.


A key way of protecting your product from tampering, security labels will help ensure your e-liquid stays out of the hands of children. Security labels also provide your customers peace of mind, knowing the bottle was sealed until their purchase.

Short Run and Multiple SKU

Your product may require many unique label designs. With in-house digital technology along with any level of customization/variation with our top-of-the-line digital printer.

Regulatory Compliance

The FDA has established regulations around vape packaging. Our pre-press department can make any and all necessary changes to keep information on your labels compliant and up to date. Our digital printing technology allows us to make multiple text changes to accommodate changing FDA regulations at little to no cost.

Quality Appearance

A range of label materials, such as ultra clear polypropylene, metalized films, high gloss & soft matte finishes, can be used strategically for their visual qualities to achieve your desired look & feel. Using added techniques such as foil stamping and spot varnishing can further enhance your product’s appearance.

Custom Die-Cuts

Vape vials come in all shapes and sizes, so should the label. We can create a customized label based on your bottle in any shape and size that will guarantee the label looks right on the bottle and it pops off the shelf.