Today’s consumers have a greater number Nutraceutical products to choose from than ever before. Between in-store and online sales, the options are endless. Your product needs eye-catching packaging to stand out.

At Lion Labels, we can help you find the right combination of material, shape, and size to create a unique label for your product. We are also ready to help you navigate labeling regulations. Today, these rules and guidelines are more complicated than ever. But our team is well-equipped to make sure your labels meet all codes and with our pre-press and design services, we can make sure it all fits on the label without compromising the shelf-impact you want.


Have you thought about the following considerations for your labels?


Oil-based products can present a challenge when it comes to adhering labels, which is why we have a variety of film label construction options, which can resist greasiness more effectively than paper.


Many beverage & food products inevitably end up submerged in water or exposed to moisture. For these items, consider water-resistant adhesive & finish options to keep your label firmly in place and protect its integrity.

Hot Foil Stamping

Give your product a sharp, stand-out appearance – this decoration method imparts a look of richness & high-quality by employing a very thin metallic coating on your label in gold, silver, or another color.

UV Spot Finishes

The ability to pop off the shelf is ultimately the most important factor in driving sales – this type of finish can be applied to certain design elements for an ultra-glossy look (& helps durability).

Custom Die Cuts

Irregular or specially designed label shapes allow your product to stand out from the competition – pre-press can assist in the design and execution of unique labels that complement your brand.

Printing Technology

Cost-effectiveness in printing comes from matching your unique needs to the right printing method – with 3 types of technology, we can accommodate any volume and variability.