When it comes to selecting health and beauty products, consumers want the very best for themselves. In this industry, attracting and acquiring new consumers is contingent on flawless branding that instantly communicates the quality and unique differentiators of your product. This means that when it comes down to decision-making time, the label on your product vs. the competition’s will often be the determining factor.

Let us use our 50+ years of experience producing labels in the Health & Beauty space and breadth of printing technology to develop standout labels for your product at a cost-effective rate.


Have you thought about the following considerations for your labels?


The humid environment many cosmetics are stored in (like bathrooms) put labels at risk of deterioration, peeling, and more. Consider water-resistant adhesive & finish options to protect your label's integrity and keep it firmly in place.


Squeezable containers are often used in this market, and they bring their own unique labeling challenges. Labeling solutions for these containers require excellent conformability and squeezability, and they must be able to cover round and curved shapes. Choosing the proper materials is critical to your label's performance.

High-Quality Appearance

A range of label materials, such as ultra clear polypropylene, metalized films, high gloss & soft matte finishes, can be used strategically for their visual qualities to achieve your desired look & feel. Using added techniques such as foil stamping and spot varnishing can further enhance your product’s appearance.

Oil & Chemical-Resistance

From oily ingredients to greasy hands, health & beauty products are often composed of or exposed to oils & chemicals that can impact your label’s adhesion – special consideration should be given to these products to ensure they are made to last.


Many products in the health & beauty space are sealed shut with perforated tear-off labels for security purposes. We can help design and produce a label that works with your specific container.

Printing Technology

Cost-effectiveness in printing comes from matching your unique needs to the right printing method – with 3 types of technology (digital, flexographic, & wide format), we can accommodate any volume and variability.