In today’s competitive food and beverage market, standing out on the shelf is essential to success.

At Lion Labels, we have over 50 years of working with companies in these industries — our pre-press and design services have the experience and skill to give your label an eye-catching aesthetic, and our top-of-the-line technology will ensure flawless execution for a high-quality final product made to last. Plus, we know your industry, including the more subtle nuances, and will help you make sure your label meets all regulations and best practices.


Have you thought about the following considerations for your labels?

Temperature Range

Filling, packing, and storage temperatures have a direct effect on the application and performance of the label. Hot, cold, or frozen products require specific and unique adhesives. Our experienced staff can choose the correct adhesive and material construction for your product.


Many beverage & food products inevitably end up submerged in water or exposed to moisture. For these items, consider water-resistant adhesives & finishes to protect your label's integrity & keep it firmly in place.

Enhanced Branding

In terms of decorative technologies, pressure-sensitive labels help communicate a brand's story. Hotstamping, Embossing, and Spot Varnishing create decorative and eye-catching options for enhancing your label's appearance. With the use of textured, colored, metalized papers, or ultra-clear and white films we can offer endless opportunities for customization.

Custom Die Cuts

Irregular or specially designed label shapes allow your product to stand out from the competition – pre-press can assist in the design and execution of unique labels that complement your brand.

Promotional Features

With options like peel-off coupons, you can incentivize target markets to make future purchases & create a positive moment of instant gratification for consumers receiving extra savings at check-out.

FDA Compliance

Protect your brand and keep your labels compliant with FDA regulations. We offer many material options for direct and indirect food contact. Our pre-press department can make any and all necessary changes to keep information on your labels compliant with FDA regulations.