We understand the challenges that come with working in harsh, industrial environments. Daily exposure to hazardous chemicals requires a label that can withstand tough conditions and won’t easily fade. Here at Lion Labels, we will provide you a sturdy label that can stand up to the chemicals, electronics, and machinery that could damage lesser labels. But we will not stop there. We also work with your team to make sure your label meets all guidelines and regulatory requirements.


Have you thought about the following considerations for your labels?


Many chemical products are sealed shut with perforated tear-off labels for safety and security purposes. At Lion Labels We can design and produce a label that works with your specific container.

Oil & Chemical-Resistance

Chemical containers are often composed of or exposed to oils & chemicals that can impact your label’s adhesion – special consideration should be given to these products to ensure they are made to last.

Printing Technology

Cost-effectiveness in printing comes from matching your unique needs to the right printing method – with 3 types of technology (digital, flexographic, & wide format), we can accommodate any volume and variability.

Quality Appearance

A range of label materials such as ultra clear polypropylene, metalized films, high gloss to soft matte finishes, can be strategically used for their visual qualities to achieve your desired look & feel. Using added techniques such as foil stamping and spot varnishing can further enhance your product’s appearance.

Temperature Range

Filling, packing, and storage temperatures have a direct effect on the application and performance of your labels. Chemical products that will be stored in hot, cold or even frozen environments require specific and unique adhesives. Our team of label experts can choose the correct adhesive and material construction for your product.

Regulatory Compliance

There are strict rules and regulations around chemical labels. But our pre-press department can make any and all necessary changes to keep information on your labels compliant and up to date. Our digital printing technology allows us to make multiple text changes to accommodate changing regulations at little to no cost.