A Growing Market

As part of a growing industry in New England, getting the look and feel of your cannabis product right from the start is key to getting ahead of the competition. Distinctive, high-quality packaging is key to attracting customers from the get-go and carving out a place in the market. But you also need to be certain that your stand-out packing and label comply with state regulations.


At Lion Labels, we have been producing high impact product labels while navigating complex regulations for 50+ years. We also have the capabilities to print an eye-catching label that will create demand for your cannabis product. From custom finishes to enhance packaging, to facilitating your custom design needs with our wide range of shapes and materials, we’ll get your brand noticed! Our expert team will be standing by to reach out to for with any concerns and will guide you through the entire label making process.


Have you thought about the following considerations for your labels?

Quality Appearance

A range of label materials, such as ultra clear polypropylene, metalized films, high gloss & soft matte finishes, can be used strategically for their visual qualities to achieve your desired look & feel. Using added techniques such as foil stamping and spot varnishing can further enhance your product’s appearance.


Oil-based liquids can present a challenge when it comes to adhering labels. We have a variety of film label construction options, which can resist greasiness more effectively than paper.

Custom Die-Cuts

Cannabis products come in all shapes and sizes - why shouldn't their labels? Work with our pre-press team to elevate the appearance of your products with labels made in complementary custom shapes.


A key way of protecting your product from tampering, security labels will help ensure your product stays out of the hands of children. Security labels also provide your customers peace of mind, knowing the bottle was sealed until their purchase.

Short Runs and Multi-SKU

Your product line may require unique label designs. This is easily accommodated by our top-of-the-line digital press, which allows us to efficiently print runs of any size and variation.

Regulatory Compliance

Each state has extensive, unique regulations around cannabis packaging, from ingredient listings to warning space minimums. The Lion Labels team will help ensure you remain compliant, even as regulations rapidly evolve across the country.