Pre-Press Department

We have a comprehensive pre-press department on-site. This department is responsible for preparing your files for various printing processes and maintaining archives. Although we live in the digital age, digital files are typically not ready for print. All of the minor details are addressed when pre-flighting your file. If we see any issues that may affect the quality of your final product, we will discuss it with you. We are capable of correcting almost anything. However we do not make changes to your file without permission.

There are 3 proofing methods we use at Lion Labels:

PDF– commonly used and typically automatic for every job.

Hardcopy Color-Matched Inkjet – This is available usually at no cost per request and this will give you a close representation of your final print.

Press-Proof – printed on our digital press. If your labels will be printed digitally, the Press Proof will provide and exact copy of your label and material printed on the same press used for your final labels. There is typically a cost associated with the Press Proof, based on the amount of work is required.

In addition, we offer design assistance and recommendations. We will make suggestions if we see that your final product will benefit from minor changes.

Hint: When listing the size of a label, always state it in this order:
“across” x “around”