As you can see, there are distinct advantages to both Flexo and Digital technologies.  As a consumer, there is truly no advantage to using a printer with just one of these capabilities.  In fact, it could potentially be a disadvantage.  Choosing a printer with both capabilities gives you the best of both worlds.  You are covered no matter where your business takes you.

When we consider label volume, there is a definite point where Digital printing simply cannot keep up with the speed of a Flexo press.  Start-up projects, for example, typically require low volumes and the label content/design many go through numerous changes as the product gains market share.  This start-up scenario is tailor-made for digital printing.  No set-up costs and a lower unit cost for printing small quantities with multiple versions.

As volumes increase, however, you may notice the unit price for a digital label does not drop significantly.  At this point Flexographic printing should be considered to maintain or reduce the unit cost of the label.

Some people may feel that Flexo quality cannot compare to Digital quality.  This a very old-school way of thinking.  Through years of experience mastering both technologies, we can tell you that it is simply not true.  We certainly live in a digital age, however, "digital" does not always mean "better".  Flexo technology has developed over the years and now rivals offset quality.  Of course, all Flexo printers are not the same.  You will need quality Flexo printer to achieve quality results.  

lion-labels-logoblack-Stressing over high start-up costs to launch a new product

-Wondering what happens if the volumes increase

-Finding a quality printer that handle both‚ Priceless.

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