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food marinades Simply put: one company manufactures a product which is then packaged under another company's brand and sold in retail.  Private label manufacturers often produce similar products for a variety of brand owners.  A supermarket, for example offers ‚Äúbrand-name‚Äù products and often sells a comparable ‚Äústore-brand‚Äù of that product on the same shelf.  Typically the store-brand is at a lower price point.  The store did not manufacture that product, it was private labeled.


How can we help you with Private Labeling?

Perhaps you manufacture for private label brands.  Not knowing what the sale volumes will be can make it difficult to forecast your packaging requirements.  How many labels will you have to purchase?  And do you really want to invest more money than necessary in a product line that may not grow as quickly as you expected?

With Lion Labels, Inc. you can literally have the ‚Äúbest of both worlds‚Äù and gain the ultimate solution.  For initial product runs, digitally printed labels are a the perfect solution.  There are no printing plate, setup, or changeover charges. As sales increase and higher quantities are required, flexo printing technology will allow high-speed, high volume manufacturing to lower your unit cost. 

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